Anne Quirk 

Owner of True Self Speech Therapy

Anne has a private speech pathology practice in Providence, specializing in neuro-rehabilitation and gender affirming voice care. Anne is licensed by the state of Rhode Island and certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She treated in acute hospitals, subacute hospital rehab, outpatient rehab, skilled nursing facilities and home health. She is a clinical educator for graduate SLP students at the University of Rhode Island with a background in on-air news radio in the NYC market and media relations for non-profits and experience addressing dysphagia, voice disorders, aphasia, dysarthria, cognitive-linguistic impairments, and voice and speech/accent modification. She’s passionate about supporting my clients through a variety of transitions in life. Whether it is communication change for gender diverse folks, language deficits after a stroke, difficulty eating after undergoing head and neck cancer treatment, or communication challenges after a neurological diagnosis such as ALS, I have provided person centered treatment to diverse populations in Rhode Island for over 10 years.

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Michelle Beaudette 

Founder of Kaolin Beauty

Michelle Beaudette is a fourth-year student at Northeastern University, studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and the founder of Kaolin Beauty, an ethical, non-toxic, zero-waste makeup and self-care company. Michelle started Kaolin Beauty because she saw a major problem with plastic pollution in the cosmetics industry and wanted to create a sustainable solution that embodied all her values. Over the past few years, she has also been involved with several different entrepreneurship organizations at Northeastern and is currently co-leading the venture catalyst program, WeLaunch, through the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE).

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Dr. Michelle Miller Groves 

President of More Than Marketing

Dr.Michelle, a dynamic Social Change Agent and Marketing and Communications Professor dedicated to making a difference in the world. With a diverse background, Dr.Michelle has served as a Program Director of Marketing at Fisher College and brings expertise as a Media, Advertising, and Public Relations Specialist. 

Passionate about workforce development, Dr.Michelle conducts impactful training for small and large companies, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. Their work extends beyond traditional boundaries as they actively amplify the voices of Diaspora women in leadership positions through integrated marketing strategies. 

Dr. Michelle is committed to driving positive change and combines academic knowledge with real-world experience to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential, creating a more inclusive and equitable society. 

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Donna Childs

Founder of Prisere LLC

Donna Childs is the founder and chief executive officer of Prisere LLC. Most of the world lacks risk mapping and risk modeling tools essential to insure resilience. And where such tools exist, emerging risks and a changing climate are rendering them obsolete. Prisere LLC aims to fill that gap by building capacity for climate and disaster resilience with improved risk tools, including risk communications, risk mapping and software apps, training and technical advisory services.

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Elizabeth Hoey

Founder of PBA Consulting

Elizabeth, the Owner of PBA Consulting, LLC, a certified WBE/DBE business specializing in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and drafting services for engineers and contractors in the civil industry. With over 10 years of experience, Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. 

At PBA Consulting, LLC, they pride on their strong analytical skills and deep understanding of industry standards.

As a certified WBE/DBE business, we are committed to providing high-quality services while promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry. Partner with us at PBA Consulting, LLC, to bring your projects to life with precision and excellence. 

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Melissa Coriaty

Founder of Verbena

Melissa attended The Academy of Culinary Arts and honed her skills in kitchens in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Chambery, France and Naples, Florida before moving to Portland Maine in 2006. In Maine, Melissa worked as the Sous-chef in an independently owned restaurant where she had the opportunity to collaborate with local farmers and the culinary community. In 2009, Melissa opened Verbena, a cafe, where the team creates food from scratch using local and sustainable produce and staples in a warm, inclusive environment.  At Verbena we strive to operate with the community and environment in mind while creating fair and sustainable jobs for hospitality workers.

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Ellana Stinson

Founder of Safo Hair

Emergency Room Physician, Trichology Certified, Founder of @safohair, and Dog Mom Extraordinaire. She wants you to have healthy hair from the inside out. 

She is an emergency medicine physician, driven by a passion for healing. Her brand is a reflection of this commitment to wellness, recognizing that it’s not just about hair; it’s a profound expression of ourselves and mirrors our overall health. The inspiration for creating this brand arose from a personal need. Having faced challenges with thyroid and fertility issues, she struggled to find products that catered to my specific needs.


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Carolyn Delaney

Founder of Journey Magazine

Carolyn Delaney is the founder of Journey, a media company devoted to making recovery from addiction stories, programs and resources visible to amplify hope.

After getting sober in 1993, she spent 20+ years leading IT departments until 2018 when multiple overdose deaths were the catalyst for wanting to use media, marketing and publishing to reduce addiction stigma.

Launched in 2019, Journey Magazine provides helpful articles, hopeful stories and accessible recovery programs where people live, work and eat.

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Eric Kelly 

Owner of DAV Construction

DAV Construction was born out of a strong desire to bring the resilience of life into work. The owner of DAV Construction, Eric Kelly, was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer and later leukemia months after his combat deployment with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. During his recovery, he studied construction management at Wentworth Institute of Technology and went on to beat both cancers and start his own construction company. Today, his perseverance is reflected in his company’s approach in construction. His team’s ability to adapt to the needs of their clients enables them to take on projects of varied types and sizes.

Proudly serving with integrity and skill, we are your trusted veteran-owned and operated general contractor.

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Gayl Crump Swaby

Founder of New Generations Consultants & Associates, LLC

Gayl Crump Swaby is a Mental Health Consultant, Associate Professor of Counselling, and Wellness Advocate who is deeply passionate about empowering her diverse range of clients to heal generational trauma and embrace wholeness. As the Founder of New Generation Consultants & Associates, LLC., a consulting, training, coaching, and counseling practice, that focuses on multicultural and trauma-informed treatment and care, she believes in “empowering minds to transform lives” via the work in the community she serves. Gayl has traveled across the US, Africa, and South America to share her message, provide training and consultations, and spread mental health awareness.

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Jodi-Tatiana Charles

Founder of LGC Brands

Jodi-Tatiana is the visionary behind, a marketing and business development consultancy dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, innovators, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB/SMEs), and international professionals in amplifying their personal and corporate brands.

With over three decades of executive leadership in marketing, branding, business development, and communications, Jodi-Tatiana has garnered remarkable successes with prestigious organizations such as the US Embassy MX, VodaCom Tanzania, Masschallenge and TechStars Accelerators, Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts Conference for Women, NBC Universal/Comcast TV, and Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Radio.

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Solomon Menashi

Founder of Blocks

CADSolomon Menashi has been a leader in STEM education both as an educator and entrepreneur for over a decade.   Sol’s current venture- BlocksCAD – helps students in K-12 learn math and coding through 3D design. In the course of his career, he has built and sold small businesses, taught in classrooms, and developed innovative curriculum. Sol has an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) as well as an MBA from Boston University.

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Juan Arroyave

Founder of Sky Top Digital Services

Juan Arroyave, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Juan has a BBA in International Business from Berkeley College in NY, a specialization in Management from Baruch College in NY, as well as a Green Belt Six Sigma and PM certificates. He has worked for companies such as the NY Times, Pfizer, Adecco, Google, Spencer Stuart, and has founded companies such as Kikos Coffee & Tea, JLP Solutions, and many more.

He has experience leading national and international projects of more than 3,000 team members and multimillion dollar budgets. His experience goes from Human Resources, Project Management, Marketing, Operations and much more.

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Kate Weiler

Co-Founder of Drink Simple

Kate Weiler is the co-founder and CEO of Drink Simple, a plant-powered hydration company and the leaders in the maple water category. She has her Master’s of Science in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University and her BA from Colby College. She is the co-author of a sports nutrition book Real Fit Kitchen. She is an endurance athlete who has completed numerous marathons and triathlons including 12 full distance Ironman triathlon races.

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Siddharth Pannir

Founder of GenH

Siddharth is a founder and engineer at GenH, designing advanced energy systems addressing the big problems at the water-energy-food nexus. Siddharth has worked at multiple consulting firms across different verticals and across different sectors of the energy industry. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MS in Energy Systems from Northeastern University.

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Lis McLoughlin

Founder of NatureCulture

Lis McLoughlin, PhD is the founder and director of NatureCulture, a publishing company through which she directs the Writing the Land Project, which pairs poets with conserved lands and creates anthologies sold for land conservation.

Lis works with over 350 poets and 150 land conservation organizations, and has published 10 WTL anthologies and 5 other books. Her degrees are in Civil Engineering, Education, and Science and Technology Studies. She lives off-grid in Massachusetts and in Montréal.

NatureCulture, through its project Writing the Land, pairs poets with conserved lands and creates anthologies sold to support land conservation.


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Lisa Westgate

Founder and Principal Consultant of LN Westgate, LLC

Lisa Westgate, a longtime procurement practitioner introduced to supplier diversity about 20 years ago. There was no turning back once she understood supplier diversity was a “thing”. In 2023, she took a leap and opened a procurement and supplier diversification consulting firm.

Lisa leads a team dedicated to establishing ESG and supplier diversity and governance practices. LN Westgate offers customizable programs ranging from strategic sourcing to conflict management and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives. 

Lisa’s achievements include pioneering supplier diversity training at TealBook and launching an IT Vendor Management program. 

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Maria Prescod

Owner of Moon Rock Enterprises LLC

Maria Prescod, the driving force behind MoonRock Enterprises, a leading provider of top-tier truckload and multi-stop delivery services across North America. With a dedicated fleet and full network coverage, MoonRock Enterprises ensures that your shipments arrive safely and on time, every time. 

With cutting-edge technology, expert personnel, and streamlined processes, MoonRock Enterprises guarantees that your loads will reach their destination without any damage or delay. 

Experience the best service at the most cost-effective rate with MoonRock Enterprises, where reliability and customer satisfaction are top priorities. 

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Moiz Bhindarwala

Owner of Custom Networks

Moiz Bhindarwala, a dynamic professional with a background in Engineering and Business, fueled by a passion for technology. With a blend of technical expertise and business acumen, Moiz excels in driving efficient and successful outcomes for customers, staff, and business profitability. 

Moiz has been providing IT solutions for 34 years, with a focus on reliable and secure power protection solutions using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Financial companies, healthcare facilities, biotech and research companies, universities and small to mid-size businesses look up to me for providing a target solution.

With expertise in power supply configuration, Custom Networks delivers modular, scalable, and agile solutions to optimize power management. 

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Naman Gupta

Co-Founder of EzOut

Naman, serving as a Business Developer at EzOut, is dedicated to helping grocery stores tackle labor shortages. His past experience at NSF I-Corps has taught him methods to design and test business models. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge technologies like Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into everyday life, Naman is dedicated to transforming how people live and interact with advanced tech.

Naman has a vision to bring innovation to underdeveloped sectors. Learning about the lack of innovation in groceries got him even more excited to revolutionize the way we shop for groceries and help this industry.

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Yonatan Pena

President of La Parada

Yonatan Pena, a vibrant restauranteur in Boston featuring authentic Dominican cuisine with a modern twist. Alongside his wife Carmen, Yonatan embarked on this journey in 2020, driven by their shared love and passion for food. 

As immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Yonatan and Carmen have deep roots in the Egleston Square and Dorchester neighbourhoods of Boston. With dedication and creativity, Yonatan and Carmen have created a bright and inviting atmosphere at La Parada.

La Parada Dominican Kitchen exists to delight its guests with an authentic Dominican eating experience through a variety of dishes that are fresh and affordable.

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Colleen Hall

Founder and Director of Jamoji® App LLC

Jamaican born, Colleen Hall, developed a Jamaican inspired emoji APP called “Jamoji.” Hall, a Tufts University graduate & Social Impact Analyst with a background in economics & financial services, launched Jamoji, an emoji and lifestyle keyboard mobile application that includes Jamaican cultural expressions, phrases, food and places! She is also the author of Jamoji—Essays of Life and Play in Jamaica, a story contextualized from the Jamoji keyboard to provide a fun and interactive social read in diversity and inclusion. When she isn’t behind her keyboard, Hall is an avid exercise enthusiast, she loves to indulge in her favorite snack: gummy bears.

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